5 fruits to consume to lose weight fast

These fruits, in addition to helping you lose weight also provide important vitamins for the good health of the body.

Since the beginning of the year and after the excesses left by the holiday season, many have proposed to lose those extra kilos, which is why they have been subjected to some diets that help with that purpose.

Despite this, it is important to take into account which foods are the ones that benefit the body the most when it comes to losing weight. As expressed by Dr. Leo Crud, an expert in nutrition, to the Hola.com portal, what fruits must contribute to become suitable for losing weight is a lot of water, tons of fiber and the least amount of sugar.

“I always recommend fresh, seasonal and highly accessible fruit. It is proven that the shorter it takes to reach your table, the richer in nutrients the fruit remains. And I always recommend consumption with common sense, that is, in the morning and mid-morning, “he said.

Starting from this, these are some of the fruits that have these characteristics and that therefore are conducive to include in the diet plan when it comes to losing weight.

fruits to consume to lose weight fast
fruits to consume to lose weight fast

Here are the best 5 to consume to lose weight at fast:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Orange
  3. Plums
  4. Cherries
  5. Kiwi


According to Mar Lazar, an expert in nutrition and aesthetic medicine, and who is cited by the same medium, the strawberry is a fruit very rich in vitamin C, water, fiber, folic acid, vitamin E, beta-carotene and potassium. In addition to this, it is a powerful antioxidant thanks to vitamin C and E, which helps to increase the absorption of iron, and has beneficial effects at the cardiovascular level.

“In any case, you’ve got to consume strawberries during a moderate way, as they contain fructose, which may damage your health in excessive amounts. In a 100 g portion they provide only 32 kcal, ideal for low calorie diets”, said nutritionist Laura Parade to Hola(.)com.


Regarding this citrus fruit, the nutritionist Marta Vallejo recommends avoiding taking it in juice. For the expert it is better to eat the whole fruit and thus eat all the fiber.


Plums are rich in potassium and very antioxidants; they have a laxative effect which will significantly help to improve discomfort in the intestinal system. In addition to this, they provide enough water, this being 83% of its content, as well as fiber and healthy carbohydrates.


According to Vallejo, an expert in trends, many people believe that cherries have a lot of sugars, “but that is just a myth. What is important is to control the portion, so I advise you to take 12-15 units, so that it is the equivalent weight of a portion of fruit, “he explained.

According to this, this fruit, in addition to containing 85% water, provides antioxidants that help keep the heart healthy.


As reported by Laura Parade, nutritionist and technical director of the Madrid center Slow Life House to Hola(.) com this fruit provides 273% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C in just a one-cup serving, that is, five times greater than what an orange provides.

In addition, it is a natural stimulant of the immune system, contains vitamin K, vitamin A, which is ideal for the skin, bones, dental development and the protection of vision, including protection against macular degeneration, and vitamin E.

Also, kiwi provides potassium, which helps balance electrolytes in the body, limiting both hypertension and high blood pressure. In addition to this, it is a fruit rich in fiber, which favors intestinal transit and weight control, so it is ideal to include it among the fruits that help with this purpose.

Question & Answer:

How to lose weight eating fruits?

Another tip is to take the fruit between meals, take advantage of lunch or a snack to eat a piece of fruit, which will favor the absorption of nutrients. Of course, always remember to opt for the whole piece better than juices, which will make the fiber intake lower and the sugar intake higher.

How many fruits to eat a day to lose weight?

The recommended amount of fruit is three pieces a day (minimum one), like vegetables there are some recommendations: Vary the type of fruit. Consume them in season, they will have more nutrients, more flavor and they will be at a better price.

6 fruit juices to lose weight fast

  • Juice to lower the abdomen of raspberry, apple, and orange.
  • Carrot and apple juice for a flat abdomen.
  • Juice to lower the belly of melon and kiwi.
  • Juice to burn fat from the abdomen of blueberries.
  • Green juice to reduce inflammation of the pineapple and celery belly.
  • Lemon juice to burn abdominal fat.
What happens if you eat a lot of fruit?

Although Herero warns of the consequences of consuming fruit in excess: “An excessive and continued consumption can have negative consequences on health, increasing levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and blood sugar in addition to favoring weight gain”, he assures Iron.

What if in a week I only eat fruit?

Excess sugars: Among other issues, taking only fruit is not good for the body, since fruits have a high amount of sugar and this is highly harmful if we only eat this food. Eating in a healthy and varied way is the best diet.

If have you any question about fruits to consume to lose weight fast. Please comment below. We will try solving your problem. Thank you.

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